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I have a box
a paper box
I put it under my bed
what’s in it?

I put my secrets in that box
so no one can find them
I just whisper what I think about
and it’ll be gone
blown away like a leaf
in that box
with some photos
and a map of America

Every time
I want to hear
One of my secrets
I’ll just take the box
and open it
but only slightly
so no one else hears it
and I’ll listen to my own voice
saying things that happened
things I don’t want to talk about
because they make me feel depressed

And some people
want to know about that box
because I told them
a little bit
of my secrets
but I can’t tell them more
because I don’t trust them
not that much
I only trust myself
and my paper box

And I’m sure
that they don’t want to know
what’s in my paper box
when they know
how dark my secrets are
they’ll regret their curiosity
and wish
they never had asked me
what my secrets were
but well
I did warn them
that it wouldn’t be a fairy tale
so they should’ve known better
than opening it

But I’ll never tell anyone
about my secrets
Not enough
to scare them
because they’d hate me
and leave me
like they did before
when I trusted everyone
and told my best friend
I wanted to kill myself
but she didn’t keep my secret
like she said she would do
she told everyone
people were afraid of me
and I was afraid of them

I will never tell anyone
what ever happened to me
I’ll keep my secrets
in my paper box
I’ll leave it in there
that’s the only thing
that keeps me alive
I was thinking about this a lot, a paper box where I could put in my secrets. 
That would be great.
I don't like to carry my secrets with me all the time.
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March 18, 2014


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